MultiTarget Pharmaceuticals LLC

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Pharma R&D

MultiTarget Pharmaceuticals LLC positions itself as a leader in the development of multi-functional and multi-target molecules as potential drug leads.

MultiTarget. With our MultiTargetTM technology we develop inhibitors for the concurrent inhibition of multiple related drug targets involving oral drug absorption. These inhibitors could be developed as oral drug bioenhancers to increase oral drug bioavailability when co-formulated with drugs that have a low or erratic oral absorption. About fifty percent of drug molecules cannot be taken orally due to their poor oral bioavailability. The successful development of an oral bioenhancer may significantly impact the pharmaceutical industry and health care system.

MultiFunction. With our MultiFunctionTM technology we create multi-functional molecules, which possess anti-inflammatory as well as natural tear mimicking properties, for the treatment of dry eye disease (keratoconjunctivitis sicca). The clinical symptoms of dry eye disease range from gritty eye, painful eyelid movement, to blindness. It is estimated that more than 4 million Americans have active dry eye disease, however, its prevalence could be as high as 40 million. We are committed to develop an effective and non-irritating eye drop for millions of dry eye patients worldwide.

Our MultiTargetTM and MultiFunctionTM drug development technologies are in contrast to traditional one-target-one-drug technologies. Our current R&D projects are funded by both government and private sources. We welcome your inquiry and discussion of potential collaborations.