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MultiTarget Pharmaceuticals LLC is developing biotech research reagents with multiple functionalities to simplify and speed up research protocols and assays.

Our innovative biotech research reagents are developed with time and cost efficiency in mind, however, without compromising quality. To achieve time and cost efficiency, we are creating reagent products with multi-functionalities, that is, one reagent can accomplish multiple tasks. Instead of needing 6-8 components, our kits consist of only 1-2 components. 

Currently, we offer the following multifunctional, aqueous solution based reagent products for research uses. Due to their multifunctionality, our reagent products provide great benefits to the users: simplicity, speed, scalability, low cost, high product yield and purity. 

AquaGenomicTM - for genomic DNA extraction
AquaPlasmidTM - for plasmid DNA extraction
AquaPreserveTM - for blood specimen preservation and DNA/RNA/protein extraction 
AquaRNATM - for concurrent DNA, RNA, and protein extraction
AquaStoolTM - for fecal and soil DNA and RNA extraction

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