Simple to Use. Scalable. Inexpensive.

Our research reagents are aqueous solution-based and scalable. They are multifunctional, inexpensive and simple to use. Instead of needing 6-8 components, our reagent kits consist of only 1 or 2 components. Our unique extraction reagents may be used to preserve and extract DNA, RNA and proteins from challenging specimens, such as frozen whole blood, feces, woods, etc., and they may be used to streamline biospecimen collection, transport, storage, and bioanalyte extraction without using additional, different extraction kits.

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AquaBluer™ (# 6001, 6015)

For assaying cell viability, cell proliferation, and cytotoxicity (Learn More)

  • Colorimetric or fluorescent measurement
  • Nontoxic, a simple one-reagent and one-step assay
  • Cost 26 times less than MTT and 3 times less than Alamar Blue

AquaGenomic™ (# 2001, 2030)

For genomic DNA extraction (Learn More)

  • Aqueous solution-based, scalable to different sample sizes
  • Nontoxic, non-organic extraction
  • Crude lysate may be used directly for PCR

AquaPlasmid™ (# 1001, 1015, 1030, 1060)

For plasmid DNA extraction (Learn More)

  • One-solution to lyse the bacteria, remove the debris and recover the plasmid DNA
  • Nontoxic, contain no guanidine hydrochloride or guanidine thiocyanate
  • Inexpensive, $0.7/miniprep

AquaPreserve™ (# 8001, 8030, 8060)

For DNA/RNA/protein preservation and extraction from blood and other biospecimens (Learn More)

  • Preserve whole blood and other biological samples
  • Stabilize DNA/RNA/proteins during sample collection, transport and storage
  • Extract DNA/RNA/proteins from fresh or frozen whole blood and other specimens

AquaRNA™ (# 5001, 5030)

For concurrent DNA/RNA/protein extraction (Learn More)

  • No phenol/chloroform
  • Aqueous solution-based, scalable to different sample sizes
  • Recover DNA, RNA and proteins concurrently from the same sample

AquaStool™ (# 7001, 7030)

For fecal and plant DNA/RNA extraction (Learn More)

  • Preserve fecal and plant DNA/RNA during sample collection, transport and storage
  • Remove PCR inhibitors
  • Extract fecal and plant DNA and RNA