MultiTarget Pharmaceuticals LLC

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MultiTarget Pharmaceuticals LLC is an emerging biopharma company striving to develop reagents and pharmaceuticals with multiple functionalities.

Most physiological and pathological processes are multi-factorial in nature. They are affected or controlled by multiple effectors in sequential or parallel form. A dominant effector usually requires the synergy of one or more secondary effectors. Its loss of function is often compensated for by other secondary effectors. In order to effectively control a physiological or pathological process, we need to modulate multiple related effectors concomitantly. It is our goal to develop highly effective multitarget pharmaceuticals, which could modulate multiple related effectors (drug targets) concurrently.

Molecules with multiple functionalities not only have the potential to be developed as highly effective therapeutics, but may also be developed as research reagents to simplify multi-step research protocols and assays. Using this principle, we have developed and introduced some novel multi-functional reagents for the isolation and purification of nucleic acids. 

We thank you for visiting our website and look forward to meeting your research and development needs with our multi-functional reagents and drug leads.